The Realities of Being a Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete | TBM Podcast Episode 1

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It's hard work being a mom and an athlete

There is a lot of things to consider when you are thinking of adding MOM to your resume. 

You ask yourself a million questions,
“Am I ready?”
“How long will it take to get pregnant?”
“Is it the right time?” 

For people who are athletes or exercise with goals in mind, the other questions are 
“Is this the right time to step away from training?”
“Will I be able to get my fitness back?”
“Am I going to be retiring from competition or hard training when I become a mom”

A grief process can happen too. 
Then the return postpartum is no joke and time becomes a whole different equation. 

In this episode, our PILOT, Christina breaks down realities of being a pregnant and postpartum athlete that sometimes… we just don’t talk about. 

Christina Prevett, MSCPT, CSCS, PHD (CANDIDATE)

Christina Prevett, MSCPT, CSCS, PHD (CANDIDATE)

Christina Prevett is a pelvic floor physiotherapist who has a passion for helping women with different life transitions, including postpartum care and menopause.

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